India vs Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023 Schedule: High-Stakes Clash

India and Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023 Schedule: High-Stakes Clash

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is poised to be one of the most highly anticipated tournaments of the decade, pitting rivals India and Pakistan against each other. Organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), this world-class event occurs once every four years, capturing the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The forthcoming India vs Pakistan match, in particular, promises to be a thrilling spectacle for fans and players alike.

It will feature a round-robin stage, where each participating team will face off against every other team, testing their skills and strategies in a series of captivating matches. This stage sets the tone for the rest of the tournament, as teams vie for supremacy and aim to secure a spot in the knockout phase, where the intensity and drama will reach new heights

One of the most highly anticipated fixtures in this prestigious tournament is the India vs. Pakistan cricket betting match. This clash of cricketing titans has always been a crowd-puller, generating immense excitement and anticipation. Fans from both nations and around the world have been eagerly awaiting the schedule for this high-stakes encounter in the Cricket World Cup 2023. As the date approaches, the anticipation and tension will only continue to build, making this match one of the most significant and emotionally charged moments in the tournament. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are already counting down the days to witness this epic showdown between two cricketing giants in the realm of cricket betting.

In a prior iteration of the schedule, there was a proposal for the inaugural match of the ODI World Cup to occur on October 5 in Ahmedabad, showcasing a face-off between England and New Zealand. It’s evident that when considering the India vs Pakistan clash on October 14, the Indian team emerges as the leading contenders in this tournament. This expectation is grounded in their previous triumph in 2011, led by the captaincy of MS Dhoni. The journey of the Indian team will encompass a series of league matches across nine diverse cities, including Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru. Make sure to mark your calendars for the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan encounter.

India vs Pakistan World Cup Match:

India and Pakistan cricket world cup match
TournamentCricket World Cup 2023
IND vs PAK Cricket World Cup 2023 Date14 October 2023, Saturday
India CaptainRohit Sharma
Pakistan CaptainBabar Azam
IND vs PAK Cricket World Cup 2023 VenueNarendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
India vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2023 Channel LiveStar Sports Network
Match Time2:00 PM

Excitement Builds as India vs Pakistan Clash Approaches in the ODI World Cup on October 15

Excitement Builds as India-Pakistan Clash Approaches in the ODI World Cup on October 15

Pakistan is gearing up for its much-anticipated World Cup journey, which is scheduled to commence on October 6th and 12th in Hyderabad, where they will compete against the two teams that emerge victorious from the World Cup Qualifiers. As the tournament progresses, the Pakistani cricket team will find themselves showcasing their skills on the field at five diverse venues. Notably, the majority of their matches, save for the one against New Zealand on November 5th in Bengaluru, have been scheduled as thrilling day-night fixtures.

This format promises to add an extra layer of excitement, as players and fans alike prepare for the unique challenges and dynamics that come with evening cricket. With their eyes firmly set on the coveted World Cup trophy, Pakistan’s cricketing stars are training rigorously and fine-tuning their strategies to ensure they deliver their best performances under the floodlights, making this World Cup an unforgettable spectacle for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The Pakistani team’s schedule includes matches against the Qualifiers top two teams on October 6th and 12th in Hyderabad. Following that, they will square off against Australia in Bengaluru on October 20th, clash with Afghanistan on October 23rd, and face South Africa on October 27th, all in Chennai. Their journey continues with a match against Bangladesh in Kolkata on October 31st, followed by a day match against New Zealand in Bengaluru on November 5th. Finally, they will wrap up their group stage matches by taking on England in Kolkata on November 12th.


In the highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan at the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023, cricket fans were treated to an unforgettable spectacle, all thanks to Fun88. The match showcased the raw passion and skill of both teams, reminding us why this rivalry is the stuff of legends. As the final whistle blew, it was evident that cricket, sponsored by Fun88, was the true winner, transcending borders and uniting fans worldwide. While Pakistan emerged victorious on this occasion, the enduring spirit of sportsmanship prevailed. The 2023 World Cup, with its thrilling contests and the camaraderie it fostered among cricket enthusiasts globally, will be remembered as a true testament to the spirit of Fun88-sponsored sportsmanship.

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